Welcoming speech to the 15th anniversary of Radio Opera

Dr. Thomas Goppel
Dr. Thomas Goppel

by Dr. Thomas Goppel



Dear Mr Apostolov,


With great attention and enthusiasm and quite much personal respect I pursue for at least 16 years (I came as undersecretary to the state department science and art at that time) for your use and your untiring thrust for the Bavarian chamber opera. Many heights and depths have passed through you with your project and institute. You have won over friends in your work, friends for your ideas, friends for the music and friends for the little theater.


Unimportant what came: You have yourself by bitten. How I wouldn't so frequently have enjoyed wanting, I could contribute to this a bit that not continue the desire bicycle reindeer, your use you. I at all events belong to those which admire your swing and don't wish your initiatives good ones only up to this 15th birthday of radio Opera but also beyond this, everything, conceivably. All best!




Dr. Thomas Goppel